Michael Purdy


Highly motivated and efficient software developer, focused primarily on UI/front end development.

Project Experience

Toucan Authenticator (iOS), Self Employed – 2018

I wanted to stretch my wings and develop an iOS app that I would own end-to-end, 2-factor authentication apps were something I used every day and comfortably had the worst user experience and I knew that I could do better. I took Toucan Authenticator by myself from project inception, through to design, development and ultimately all the way to release.

MedShr (iOS) (Android), MedShr Ltd – 2016-Current

After MultiPie started winding down, I was invited to continue working at MedShr. I not only continued to develop the iOS and Android applications, but also helped to build an in-house development team. I now spend most of my time focused on the iOS app, and helping to coordinate features between both applications so that technical implementations remain relatively in sync.

MedShr (iOS) (Android), MultiPie Ltd – 2016

MedShr is the social network for doctors and medical professionals to discuss cases. At MultiPie I helped MedShr to ship new features in their iOS and Android applications.

Recovery Portal [Double Impact] (iOS) (Android) (Backend), MultiPie Ltd – 2016

Worked with a team to build the Recovery Portal app for Double Impact. This app helps people struggling with addiction find the help that they need in Nottingham or Lincoln. I also built the backend, using django-rest-framework on GAE, which stored the location of lots of relevant locations and returned the available location in a near area, and featured an administration panel to configure everything that the apps were capable of displaying.

Calibre Companion (iOS), MultiPie Ltd – 2016

Helped to develop the initial release of Calibre Companion for iOS, a companion app for Calibre. The app features high speed sorting, filtering and searching on enormous eBook libraries which it imported from Calibre, on every available protocol that Calibre used.

InSight Web, Romax Technology – 2014-2016

Leading user experience design and development on the latest condition monitoring software. Helping to create a frictionless tool for wind turbine condition monitoring engineers, thus resulting in the time spent on report creation being measured in hours instead of days. This project uses Python, Django, Javascript and PostgreSQL.

iDS Expert, Romax Technology – 2012-2014

Improved and maintained pre-existing condition monitoring software. Worked with condition monitoring engineers to focus the product, and implement several key instrumental features. Successfully championed a transition away from WinForms code-behind towards WPF and MVVM. This project uses C#.net, WinForms, WPF and PostgreSQL.

Gummi T - Spyttespillet/Mullerspillet, Fuzzy Frog Ltd – 2012

Collaborating with ProgressiveMedia, CroneFilm A/S and Apex Virtual Entertainment to bring 2 games to the AppStore to tie in with the release of the nordic movie ‘Gummi T’. Focused on implementing user interaction and social network integration logic. This product was developed purely for iOS devices.

Monster Castle, Fuzzy Frog Ltd – 2011-2012

Collaborating with ProgressiveMedia and OMGPop! to create a dungeon pet simulator game. This project required strong communication with the OMGPop! New York based art team, and resulted in a visit to their site to polish the game before the projects end. This product was developed for iOS and Android devices.

Wellbuilder, Schlumberger Ltd – 2010

Extending my internship for an additional 3 months gave me the opportunity to work on Wellbuilder, a tool for designing a well, then automatically requisitioning the components. Working inside a SCRUM, I helped to deliver several improvements. This project used C#.net and Winforms.

Project Stingray, Schlumberger Ltd – 2009-2010

Representing the bulk of my internship at Schlumberger, this was a project to create a new modern version of their long running PIPESIM multiphase flow simulator. Working inside a SCRUM, I helped to implement a few key components, including the interface to the FORTRAN based calculation engine. This project used C#.net, WPF and MVVM.


Nottingham Trent University; Nottingham – BSc (Hons) Computer Science SW, 2011